Workplace Readiness and Personal Skills

Employers often look for potential employees to have more than a qualification. They want them to have certain skills or personal qualities to ensure they are a good fit for the job and the organisation.


Employability skills are personality traits and interpersonal skills required of employees to succeed in almost any job.


For example, communication, problem solving, compassion, initiative, organisation and self-management just to name a few. These type of skills are what make you stand out. In recent years, these skills have become even more important to succeed in the workplace.


These qualities help you stand out from the crowd!

Why are these personal skills important to be work ready?

These skills are incredibly valuable as they can set you apart from other candidates who have similar qualifications and experience. Employers can receive hundreds of applications for a single job and when they are considering two candidates with equal professional qualifications and experience, they will look at your personal qualities to make a decision about who to hire. 

How do you develop personal skills?

To an extent, these skills are part of your personality. Everyone has differing personal qualities that distinguish them from another. For example, maybe you’ve always been an excellent communicator or maybe it’s just part of your personality to show excitement and passion around your peers.

You can however help to build these skills. Developing your personal skills is mostly about being open-minded, perceptive and having a willingness to adapt by changing your behaviours in different situations.

You can also take courses, conduct your own research and read books and articles on the types of skills you hope to grow. It could also be beneficial to talk to your family and friends to get an idea about how they might approach different scenarios and challenges. You might also consider working with a mentor who can coach you.

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