Personal Stories

Want to know what it’s like to work in health? These young Queenslanders have shared their personal career journeys.

Find out what they do in their job, what study they have done and where they plan on going in their careers. Many of them started their vocational education and training journey while still at school.

Jessica - Administration Officer - Corporate Services

Administration Officer – Corporate Services

I prepare meeting agendas and minutes, arrange travel, catering, events and manage correspondence for senior management and executive members.
Meagan - Health Administration - Indigenous Administrative Officer Trainee

Administration Officer – Health Administration

I’ve been able to gain more clinical and medical knowledge as I deal with midwives, nurses and doctors very often.
Ryan - Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health Assistant (Acute and Restorative Care of the Elderly)

Carry out therapy with patients in a hospital ward, with the aim of restoring each patient’s health and wellbeing and supporting them to return home.
Hannah - Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health Assistant (Paediatric)

Assisting individual clinicians in a defined range of treatments, including paediatric casting and splinting applications.

Assistant in Nursing – Aged Care

I really recommend doing a school-based traineeship. It takes a lot of planning and time management to juggle school and work, but it's worth it.
Aaliyah - Assistant in Nursing Trainee

Assistant in Nursing – Aged Care

This job role is something I’m very passionate about. I love aged care and looking after the elderly is a part of my culture.
Shahira - Assistant in Nursing

Assistant in Nursing – Ipswich, QLD

Dealing with sick clients can also sometimes be challenging but being able to be actively involved within their healing process outweighs any challenge with satisfaction.

Assistant in Nursing – Logan, QLD

I love the experience of meeting different people. Not every patient is the same, so you need to work out different ways to deal with each of them.

Assistant in Nursing – Maternity Support

Hearing patients' stories and giving them mental and emotional support to improve their health while in hospital is the best feeling for me.
Siobhan - NUM Support

Assistant in Nursing – Maternity Unit Manager Support (Student Midwife)

This job includes providing direct assistance to the Unit Manager with general office and administration tasks within the maternity unit.

Business Administration – CQ Health

Business Administration is a job which allows you to branch off into different areas of work which is one of the reasons I chose this occupation.

Business Administration – Medical Recruitment

The best thing about my job is that it allows me to have a positive impact on the health outcomes for paediatric patients throughout Queensland.

Business Administration – Payroll Services

What I love about my job is when people thank you at the end of each phone call and say things like “WOW! You’re so amazing” or “Magical, how did you do it?”

Business Practice Improvement Officer

"I love the fact I still get to help patients - whilst it is not direct, it is that influence to change and capture communities in a different way."
Emily - Client Service Officer

Client Service Officer (Payroll injury and Rehab Claims team)

My job includes accurately performing payroll functions for all employees on Income Protection and WorkCover, in a timely manner.

Community Pharmacy Assistant (NEW)

Traineeships can be the beginning of your career, providing you with skills and a qualification for the future.
Ebony - Dental Practice Manager

Dental Practice Manager

Since graduating from The Murri School in 2010 I have completed five certifications that have supported me in my growing career.
Megan - Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled Nurse

I support the GPs working with patients doing things like spirometry, venesection, assisting with excisions, sterilising equipment, wound dressings, and syringing ears.
Ethan - Health Promotion officer

Indigenous Health Promotion Officer

I love that I can help my community and still have my feet planted on the ground. I enjoy being an active part of it all and not just sitting behind a desk.
Laquinta - Indigenous Health Worker

Indigenous Health Worker

My job involves conducting health checks, undertaking patient health screening, assessment and testing, and conducting opportunistic screening as required.

IT Officer

In my role I most enjoy the social interaction with customers. I enjoy meeting new people and I feel that I am learning new skills from the people I meet.
Thomas - Mental Health Support Worker

Mental Health Support Worker

During a support session we work on goals that help improve the individual’s day to day life, either in the home or out and about in the sunshine.
Kym - Registered Midwife


There are 4 distinct areas – birth suite, Antenatal care, postnatal ward and special care nursery.
Kirrily - Oral Health Therapist

Oral Health Therapist

I provide general and emergency oral health care in the dental clinic, diagnosing and treating dental decay and gum disease.
Kirrily - Pathology - Graduate Medical Scientist

Pathology – Medical Scientist

Overall, my job involves performing analysis of blood and other body fluids to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of different diseases.

Pathology Assistant

I love everything I do in the lab, whether it’s an easy or more challenging task.
Jaslyn - Personal Support Worker

Personal Support Worker

I chose this field of work because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to promote their independence in both their home & within their local community.
Gabrielle- Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist (Pathology Specimen Collector)

I love the patient contact and seeing people walk out of the clinic happy with the service I gave them.
Hannah - Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Nursing isn’t just all about medications and bodily fluids! Patients are vulnerable and put their trust in your knowledge and your communication with them.
Ira - Senior Support Worker

Senior Support Worker

I love the relationships that I have developed with my clients as I know that I am having a positive impact and helping them to live with dignity in their own homes.
Jodie - Dental Assistant - Training and Development Officer

Sterilisation Training and Development Officer

Being a trainer and assessor is an extremely rewarding career. You have a real opportunity to bring about change in your chosen field.
Allan - Transport Driver

Transport Driver

My job provides me with many rewards, particularly the satisfaction of providing a much-needed service to those that need it most.