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Allied Health Assistant

young physiotherapist nurse helping an elderly women physical rehabilitation at home
Allied Health are a diverse group of professions that provide direct patient care and work in many areas of the health system.

Basic knowledge of medical terms.

Role Description:

  • Allied Health Professionals include Audiologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Social Workers and Speech Pathologists. Allied Health Assistants support and assist these health professionals with their day-to-day patient care and operational tasks.

    Allied Health Assistants have a basic knowledge of medical terms and the skills to comply with infection prevention and control as well as assisting in patient health care programming, treatment plans and therapeutic support.

Where you might work:

  • Your workplace could be within a hospital, private practice or community health centre. You may work with a number of different allied health professionals (including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists) or you may work with one particular professional.

Personal Attributes:

  • Communication skills are essential as an Allied Health Assistant needs to liaise effectively with health professionals and patients (for example, encouraging patients to complete specific treatment plans related to injury, illness or disability-related physical issues).

Inspiring the Next Generation - Allied Health Video:

Elderly person with someone holding their wrist

Career Pathway - Allied Health

Members of the allied health team provide care for patients and their families and help people improve their physical and psychological wellbeing.
Ryan - Allied Health Assistant

Personal Story - Allied Health Assistant (Acute and Restorative Care of the Elderly)

Carry out therapy with patients in a hospital ward, with the aim of restoring each patient’s health and wellbeing and supporting them to return home.