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Phlebotomist (Pathology Specimen Collector)

Gabrielle- Phlebotomist
  • Name: Gabrielle
  • Job: Phlebotomist
  • Location: Gold Coast, QLD

"I have grown as a person."

Why did you choose this field of work/job?

Pathology has been something I have always been interested in since I was young. This has been a stepping stone to further study in the health sector.

What tasks does your job include? What do you love about your job the most?

I love the patient contact and seeing people walk out of the clinic happy with the service I gave them.

What was your study journey to get this job?

I contacted a registered training organisation to enquire about the Certificate Ill Pathology collection course when I had just turned 17. They told me I had to be 18 before I could go on placement, but the Trainer gave me a textbook to read in the meantime until I was 3 months out from turning 18.

When I reached that age, I joined their face-to-face class 3 days a week for 2 ½ months. I then I had to wait for another 3 weeks after everyone else in my class went on placement because I was still not 18.

The day after I turned 18, the training organisation arranged a placement for me with a well-known pathology laboratory. I loved my time there and I must have done okay because they asked for my resume, and I have now been working for them for almost 2 years now.

What are your future plans for work and study?

I am enrolling in the Diploma of Mental Health, and I will continue to work as a casual collector while I am studying.

What is one thing about your study and/or job that you would love to share with people considering this career?

I had the best time studying with my training organization. The trainers were really helpful and supportive and even though I was so young, they encouraged me to do better all of the time. They gave me the confidence to apply for jobs and even supported me through that process.

I have grown as a person in the role I am currently doing and that has given me the confidence to go further with my studies. My employer has been very supportive of me doing extra study as well.

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Job Profile - Pathology Specimen Collector / Phlebotomist

A Pathology Specimen Collector (or a Phlebotomist) collects blood and other pathology specimens for laboratory analysis.
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Career Pathway - Pathology Collection

Pathology is the process of how diseases are confirmed and diagnosed and can also be used to see if a patient’s disease is getting better with treatment.