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Sumiko – mum-to-be

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Sumiko is 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby and feeling fatigued and breathless. She's originally from Japan and speaks very minimal English.

About the patient:

  • Sumiko is originally from Japan.
  • She is 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby.
  • She lives with her husband Mark but has no other family in Australia.
  • Sumiko speaks very minimal English.
  • She is vegetarian.

Diagnosis - Which roles helped?

  • Sumiko is feeling fatigued and breathless and so visits her GP.
  • Her GP contacts an interpreter service, as Sumiko has difficulty explaining to the doctor how she feels.
  • GP requests blood tests which are taken by a pathology specimen collector (phlebotomist) at a pathology centre.
  • Results of the blood test are sent to the GP, who prescribes Sumiko with iron supplements before sending her to the hospital for an intravenous iron infusion and overnight monitoring.

Treatment - Which roles helped?

  • Sumiko is greeted by a health administration officer at the hospital, who assists Sumiko and her husband with admission forms.
  • Sumiko and her baby are checked by the on-call obstetrician.
    A registered nurse administers an intravenous iron infusion with the help of an assistant in nursing.
  • Sumiko is visited by the hospital’s dietitian, who assesses her current eating habits and dietary intake.
  • The dietitian provides Sumiko with a healthy vegetarian eating plan to ensure adequate intake of dietary iron.
  • The dietitian discusses Sumiko’s nutritional needs with the Food Services Manager to ensure appropriate foods are provided to Sumiko during her hospital stay.
  • During the course of her overnight stay, Sumiko is attended by a Food Services Assistant, who takes her food order and delivers her meals. She is also regularly monitored by registered nurses and assistant in nursing staff.


  • Sumiko is discharged from hospital the following morning after being cleared by the obstetrician, on-call GP and nursing staff.
  • Sumiko continues to take iron supplements daily and follows a high iron vegetarian eating plan based on the recommendations of the dietitian.
  • Regular checkups are scheduled with Sumiko’s GP and obstetrician as well as blood tests to monitor her iron levels.

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