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Administration is important in the health care system because it helps to make sure patient care is well organised.

Administration work in hospital and health services is carried out by administration officers. Medical receptionists and practice managers work in private health clinics like general practice and medical specialist clinics in administration jobs.

  • Administration officers greet patients. They enter data into the computer system when patients are being admitted to hospital, discharged from hospital or transferred in between hospital wards. They make sure current contact details for patients are entered into the computer system. Administration officers also make sure patient records are available for any clinician who requires them, such as doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners.
  • Medical receptionists answer the phone, make appointments for patients, liaise with doctors and other health professionals, and ensure the supplies for running the practice are maintained.
  • Practice managers have the goal of the practice providing high quality patient care. They manage finances, policies, procedures, marketing and staff.

Below is a pathway that gives you some options you might want to look at if you want to explore health administration by getting started in a job. Everyone has their own journey. Where you start and where you end is up to you!

Pathway key:

  • Study
  • Job Outcomes
  • Personal Story
  • Further Options

Potential Certificate III qualification for health administration roles


Certificate III in Health Administration

With this qualification you could work as a:

Potential Certificate IV qualification for health administration roles


Certificate IV in Health Administration

With this qualification you could work as a:

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