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Aboriginal man getting a health check

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners provide clinical and primary health care for individuals, families and communities.
people clasping hands

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker provides clinical and primary health care for individuals, families and community groups.
young physiotherapist nurse helping an elderly women physical rehabilitation at home

Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health are a diverse group of professions that provide direct patient care and work in many areas of the health system.
Young students in hallway

Assistant in Nursing

Assistants in Nursing support enrolled and registered nurses by delivering basic patient care and performing cleaning tasks.

Community Services Support Worker

Community Services Support Workers provide services to clients who are either older and frail or younger and have moderate to severe disabilities.
worker on phone

Customer Service Officer (Customer Service Representative)

Customer Service Officers provide excellent customer service to all employees and clients by providing frontline support via telephone email and online communications.
Dentist with young boy patient

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants work as part of a wider dental team, primarily with Dentists.
dental practice room

Dental Practice Manager

Dental Practice Managers are responsible for the management and operation of Dental Practices.
carer with man in wheelchair

Diversional Therapy Assistant

A Diversional Therapy Assistant supports Diversional Therapists to plan, design, coordinate and implement recreation and leisure-based activity programs.

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

Emergency Medical Dispatcher’s (EMD) receive emergency calls, provide essential pre-arrival advice, dispatch resources and coordinate patient transport movement.
nurse applying bandage to patient

Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled Nurses (EN) provide nursing care to patients in a variety of health, aged care, welfare and community settings.
colleagues in meeting with computers

Finance Officer – Assistant Finance Officer

Finance Support Officers provide financial and administrative support to colleagues, clients and stakeholders of the business.
food services assistant

Food Services Assistant

A Food Services Assistant prepares and serves large amounts of food and maintains a safe and clean work environment in a health care setting.
worker on computer

Health Administration Officer

This role provides administration services in a variety of health settings.
Patient transport

Health Services Assistant

A Health Services Assistant supports clinical staff in the care of patients. You can work in a variety of roles.
Cleaner mopping floors

Hospital Cleaner

Hospital Cleaners play a vital role in infection control in hospitals, ensuring that hospitals are safe and hygienic for all patients and staff.
colleagues in meeting

Human Resource Support Officer (Human Resource Assistant)

Human Resource Support Officers provides administrative assistance to Human Resource professionals.
IT Support Officer

IT Support Officer

This role provides technical support services to install, configure and maintain computer hardware and software by applying a high level of computer expertise.
Washing machines closeup

Laundry Assistant

Laundry assistants are responsible for ensuring that hospitals have clean, sterile laundry, including bed sheets, blankets, hospital garments and towels.
Patient being attended by a nurse in a medical consultation

Medical Receptionist – GP clinics, private specialist clinics etc

Medical Receptionists work to ensure the smooth running of Medical Practices and provide administrative and customer service support.
Medical Scientist

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists perform medical laboratory tests on blood, other body fluids and tissues to assist clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
Doctor holding patients hands

Mental Health Support Worker

Mental Health Support Workers work with people who are living with mental illness, their families, carers and friends.
midwife holding baby


Midwives work with women and their families during pregnancy and birth. They also provide postnatal care for the woman and infant.
Operating theatre

Operating Theatre Technician

As well as giving technical support during an operation, an operating theatre technician is responsible for making sure the theatre and equipment are clean.
looking through glasses to eye test board

Optical Dispenser

Optical dispensers make sure that the instructions on an optical prescription written by an ophthalmologist or optometrist are fulfilled in accordance with AU Standards.


A paramedic provides front-line out of hospital care, medical retrieval and health related transport for sick and injured people in emergency and non-emergency settings.
Pathology Collection

Pathology Laboratory Assistance

A Pathology Laboratory Assistant assists professionals in pathology laboratories by undertaking routine tasks and performing tests on specimens.
nurse taking blood

Pathology Specimen Collector / Phlebotomist

A Pathology Specimen Collector (or a Phlebotomist) collects blood and other pathology specimens for laboratory analysis.
elderly person's hands close up

Personal Care Assistant – Aged Care

A Personal Care Assistant working in Aged Care provides residents with social and emotion support.
Personal care worker and patient

Personal Care Worker – Disability

A Personal Care Worker working in Disability provides personal and emotional support. They assist their clients to make their own decisions and live life as they choose.
personal support worker pushing patient in wheelchair

Personal Support Worker

Personal Support Workers provide general household assistance, emotional support, care and companionship to aged and disabled persons.
People at pharmacy

Pharmacy Assistant

Community Pharmacy Assistants provide customer service and retail sales skills in Pharmacies, and sometimes dispense medicines.
computer with stethoscope

Practice Manager (GP clinics and private specialists etc)

Practice Managers run the day-to-day operations of medical clinics and practices.
Nurse taking blood pressure

Registered Nurse

The role of a Registered Nurse will vary depending on the setting the nurse is working in or if they work in an area of specialisation.
person holding medication

Senior Pharmacy Assistant

A Senior Pharmacy Assistant provides customers with pharmacy products to help them with common health conditions and illnesses.
hospital staff

Wardsperson (Orderly/Patient Services Assistant)

This role involves providing support and assistance to clinical and other frontline staff to patient care, manual handling and transportation of patients.