Patient Journeys

Ever wondered how many people are involved in the care of one patient? Follow the journey of our patients – you may be surprised and even find a job role you’d like to explore!

Elderly woman

Geraldine – aged care resident

Geraldine is a permanent resident in a residential aged care facility. She has mobility issues due to osteoarthritis in her knees, hips and hands.
Elderly person with walker

Harry – knee replacement

Harry is 55 years old and has problems with both of his knees. He has had a total of 9 arthroscopies however this procedure is no longer providing relief.
Middle aged man - farmer

John – farm accident

John is a sugar cane farmer in Northern Queensland. John has a farming accident severely severing his patellar tendon and ACL in his knee.
Young girl ready for surgery

Leah – hearing surgery

Leah is an 11-year-old Aboriginal child who lives in Far North Queensland. Over the past two months, Leah complains that she has trouble hearing due to constant ear pain.
Middle aged man

Max – diabetic

Max is a 50 year old taxi driver. He was diagnosed with type two diabetes three years ago and has trouble finding time to prepare healthy meals and exercise.
Pregnant lady holding belly - closeup

Sumiko – mum-to-be

Sumiko is 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby and feeling fatigued and breathless. She's originally from Japan and speaks very minimal English.