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Health Services Assistance

Health services assistance can be a great area to explore because there are a broad variety of roles. These supporting roles are in operating theatres, acute care units and hospitals.

In health services assistance there are a number of jobs in which you will get to come into contact with real patients and be involved in their care. You might become an assistant in nursing, wardsperson or operating theatre technician.

  • An assistant in nursing helps patients with personal care and the activities of everyday life and work under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • A wardsperson helps to look after hospital patients by making sure the wards are neat and tidy. They also lift and turn patients in their hospital bed. Wardspeople also transport patients out of the ward for tests like X-rays and move patients who are in wheelchairs. They retrieve patients arriving at the hospital by helicopter from the helipad and transport patients who are deceased to the morgue.
  • An operating theatre technician prepares the operating theatre before surgery. They also assist the surgical team during operations and support patients in the recovery room after their surgery.

Below is an example of a pathway that gives you some options you might want to look at if you are either want to explore health support by getting a taste, or get started in a job in health. Everyone has their own journey. Where you start and where you end is up to you!

Pathway key:

  • Study
  • Job Outcomes
  • Personal Story
  • Further Options

Thinking about starting your journey in health and not sure if you'll like it?


Certificate II in Health Support Services

With this qualification you could work as a:

Potential Certificate III qualification for health services assistance roles


Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

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