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Health Services Operations

Health services operations includes non-direct patient support. It is an important area for the efficient and effective running of health services. It’s the ‘back-of-house’ roles that aren’t often seen but ultimately lead to patient comfort and includes cleaning, laundry and food services.

For these roles you will need initiative, time management skills and problem solving skills. If you work in this area you could find yourself in hospital and health services, aged care facilities, mental health facilities and other residential facilities.

Three jobs in health services operations are working as a cleaner, laundry operator or food services assistant.

  • A cleaner uses equipment, products and techniques suitable for a hospital or health facility to make sure they are hygienic. They clean surfaces such as floors, windows, window coverings and furniture. This is important because it can prevent the spread of infections.
  • A laundry operator provides a high standard of linen service that adheres to policies and procedures.
  • A food services assistant provides patients with nutritious and appetising meals based on their individual dietary requirements. This includes selecting, plating up and delivering the food required for a patient’s dietary needs. They also perform kitchen cleaning tasks, and checks to make sure food is at the correct temperature.

Pathway key:

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Certificate II in Health Support Services

Potential Certificate III qualification for health services operations


Certificate III in Health Support Services

With this qualification you could work as a:

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