Patient Journeys

Geraldine – aged care resident

Elderly woman
Geraldine is a permanent resident in a residential aged care facility. She has mobility issues due to osteoarthritis in her knees, hips and hands.

About the patient:

  • Geraldine
  • Permanent resident in a Residential Aged Care Facility

Diagnosis - Which roles helped?

  • Geraldine has mobility issues due to osteoarthritis in knee, hips and hands. She has difficulty walking and performing daily tasks such as showering, doing her hair and toileting.
  • Geraldine is visited by a range of health professionals throughout the week including a rheumatologist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist.
  • Geraldine was assessed by a Dietitian and the meals provided to her throughout the day are based on recommendations from the Dietitian.

Treatment - Which roles helped?

  • Throughout the day Geraldine is attended to by a Nurse and Assistant in Nursing to assist with toileting, showering, dressing for the day and transportation to other areas of the nursing home to socialise with other residents. Geraldine is also given any required medications during her visits from the Nurses.
  • Geraldine’s Support Worker arrives at the facility and discusses the planned activities for the day.
  • The Support Worker collects Geraldine’s belongings, arranges some morning tea with the kitchen staff and assists Geraldine down to the car in a wheelchair. Geraldine is signed out of the facility by the Support Worker.
  • They enjoy a lovely morning at the Botanical Gardens drinking tea, watching the birds and having lengthy conversations.
  • While Geraldine is out, the facility cleaning staff ensure Geraldine’s room is clean and bed linen is changed for the week ahead.
  • After returning to the facility, the Support Worker assists Geraldine to the dining room where she is offered lunch followed by some rest time in her room. While Geraldine rests the Support Worker enters information into Geraldine’s daily activity record.
  • Following her rest time, the Support Worker returns and assists Geraldine out to the facility garden area where she enjoys afternoon tea and some reading.
  • Following afternoon tea in the garden, The Support Worker assists Geraldine back to her room for her weekly visit from her Physiotherapist who undertakes a weekly assessment and physical therapy session.
  • The Support Worker then provides a nice makeover for Geraldine with a lovely manicure before the Support Worker completes the daily record and heads home for the day.
  • The Nurses arrive to assist Geraldine into bed to prepare her for retiring for the night. Geraldine can call on a nurse throughout the night if required.


  • Geraldine is enjoying the care and support she continues to receive daily from the staff at the facility.
  • Geraldine particularly loves the days when her Family and the Support Workers visit.
  • Geraldine continues to be assessed and receive treatment from a variety of health professionals throughout the week.