Patient Journeys

Harry – knee replacement

Elderly person with walker
Harry is 55 years old and has problems with both of his knees. He has had a total of 9 arthroscopies however this procedure is no longer providing relief.

About the patient:

  • Harry is 55 years old and lives in Biloela in Central Queensland.
  • He has had problems with both of his knees as a result of sporting injuries sustained when he was younger.
  • In recent years, he has had a total of 9 arthroscopies however this procedure is no longer providing relief.

Diagnosis - Which roles helped?

  • Harry visits his GP in Biloela, who refers him to an orthopaedic surgeon in Brisbane to discuss his options.
  • Prior to his appointment in Brisbane, Harry has blood tests taken by a pathology specimen collector at a local lab in Biloela. He also has x-rays taken by a radiographer in Rockhampton.
  • At his appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, Harry is advised that he needs knee replacements. It is agreed that the priority is his left knee, as this is causing him the most pain.

Treatment - Which roles helped?

  • Surgery is booked at Brisbane Private Hospital where Harry is attended to by various nursing and administration staff. He also meets with his surgeon prior to his surgery.
  • Following surgery, Harry is transferred to another private hospital in Brisbane for his recovery. As well as daily checks by the surgeon on staff, Harry is also visited by physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who discuss his treatment plan and ongoing recovery upon his return home.
  • Other staff who assist Harry during his three week stay include nursing staff, wardspeople and food services staff, who deliver his meals.


  • Upon his return to Biloela, Harry visits his local GP for removal of his stitches. He also continues to practice the exercises the physiotherapist and occupational therapist have given him.
  • Harry is now booked to return to Brisbane later this year for a knee replacement on his right knee.