Need to Know

In the development of this website, we spoke to lots of people working in the health and community sectors and they shared some really great tips that we thought you should know before you get started.


  • There is often more than one way to achieve your goal!
  • Where you start your career journey will vary, depending on where you are at (still at school or finished Year 12?)
  • Skills are transferable across different jobs and careers.
  • Work experience is HIGHLY regarded so don’t underestimate the value of volunteering in a field you are interested in – this experience could lead to the offer of a traineeship!
  • Some qualifications will help you gain direct entry into a job, while others will provide you with skills and knowledge to enrol in further study in the health field.
  • It is not always a prerequisite to complete one qualification level in order to study another in a particular pathway (eg. completion of a Cert II qualification before completing a Cert III in the same field).
  • Always get advice from your Guidance Officer or Career Advisor, if you have one. The Queensland Skills Gateway website is also a great starting point.