Patient Journeys

Max – diabetic

Middle aged man
Max is a 50 year old taxi driver. He was diagnosed with type two diabetes three years ago and has trouble finding time to prepare healthy meals and exercise.

About the patient:

  • Max, Indigenous
  • 50-year-old taxi driver, father of two teenagers, recently separated from his wife
  • Diagnosed with type two diabetes three years ago. Has trouble finding time to prepare healthy meals and exercise

Diagnosis - Which roles helped?

  • Max was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago during a routine check-up with his
  • He was referred to a diabetes clinic at his local Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) and had appointments with an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist), dietitian, diabetes educator and Max has been having appointments at the clinic every three months.

Treatment - Which roles helped?

  • At his most recent appointment, the admin assistant at the AMS welcomed him, checked his contact details were up-to-date and asked him to take a seat.
  • The clinic co-ordinator, an enrolled nurse, invited Max to the clinic room to be weighed and have his blood sugar and HbA1c taken via a finger prick test.
  • Max then saw the endocrinologist, who had a trainee registrar in the consulting room with him.
  • The endocrinologist told Max he had put on three kilos since his last appointment and that his HbA1c had risen to 8%.
  • Max told the doctor he had recently separated from his wife and that he was struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Max then saw the dietitian who discussed healthy eating options, carb counting, healthy snacks that Max could take to work with him and how to read nutrition information panels.
  • Max also saw the psychologist to discuss the impact his recent separation was having on his diabetes, especially his weight gain.
  • Finally, Max saw the diabetes educator who talked to Max about the possibility of starting on insulin injections if he didn’t lose weight or improve his HbA1c.
  • The diabetes educator explained there was a phone service where he could speak to the educator each week and adjust his insulin doses until his blood glucose levels were stable.
  • Before Max left the clinic the admin assistant told him she would be in touch with details of his next appointment.


  • Max joined a local walking group that was run by a personal trainer for people in his local area over 50 and has lost 7.5kg.
  • Max has a new job working at his local hospital as a patient transport driver. His work hours are more flexible and he now has time to prepare healthy meals and snacks and exercise.